Goodness Knows

The Wicked's Lives are Lonely

3/30/09 11:58 pm - Answering Machine


Right. If you have any quick comments or anything to leave for me (The Mun), this is the place to do so. So like, if you have a random plot idea, or something to add on to an AIM conversation, or I had to run, or something? Yup!

3/26/09 05:24 pm - Most Startling Read

Written for 'Aternaville. )

3/26/09 04:48 pm - Biography

This is, as it says, the biography for my 'version' of Elphaba. Any changes and suchlike to one of the normal versions of canon will be addressed here.

Beware the Spoilers! )

Summarized? Mostly the musical, a few hints of the book, with a few extra years tacked on to make Elphie a touch older. (It'll depend on the community or PSL, but I'll typically be playing her between twenty-three and twenty-eight or so).
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